Cleaning the ventilation

Cleaning the ventilation
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Cleaning of suspended ceilings and wall coverings

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Cleaning the ventilation

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Hygiene of ventilation

We take care of the hygiene of ventilation in various buildings. Ventilation ensures clean and healthy air in public buildings, companies and homes. There is no need to convince anyone about the importance of the role played by ventilation. In order for the ventilation in the building to fulfill its task, it must be taken care of. Hygiene of ventilation is preventive cleaning of ventilation ducts, inspection of the ventilation system and disinfection. The hygienic condition of the installation can be maintained thanks to regular cleaning and fumigation of ventilation.

Fungusing the ventilation

Decontamination of the ventilation is an additional measure when cleaning the ventilation ducts. Thanks to special fungicides, we perform fumigation of ventilation. Regularly getting rid of microbes, bacteria and fungi will keep the users of the space healthy. Removal of fungus from ventilation is the basis for maintaining hygienic ventilation. It reduces the risk of ailments such as headaches, fatigue, runny nose, eye irritation, allergies and nausea. Ventilation fumigation should be performed regularly, not less frequently than two years.

Maintenance of ventilation

We undertake constant cooperation with our clients, dealing with preventive maintenance of ventilation. As part of maintenance, we inspect the ventilation ducts, take care of their patency, ventilation hygiene, clean, fumigate and, when necessary, make repairs. Ventilation maintenance ensures long-term efficiency of the ventilation system in the building.

We invite you to use the services of our proven company, for years we have been taking care of the hygiene of ventilation in buildings for various purposes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Cleaning the ventilation

We deal with comprehensive ventilation cleaning. Our company is located in Płock, we also provide ventilation cleaning services in the vicinity. We have specialized skills, the necessary equipment, technologically advanced and experience, thanks to which our ventilation cleaning is a comprehensive, proven and performed service without much fuss.

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Ceiling cleaning

We have been working since 1989, we are constantly improving in the art of cleaning ventilation, blinds and cleaning ceilings, lighting fixtures and wall coverings. We use the development of technology, we have specialized equipment, qualified employees and extensive experience, thanks to which we clean ceilings efficiently and quickly. We also clean lighting fixtures and wall coverings, thanks to which we can boast of comprehensive services.

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Cleaning the shutters

Dust, dust mites, bacteria and fungi collect on blinds in offices and public buildings, which is why it is so important to regularly clean horizontal blinds and verticals. We provide a professional service of cleaning blinds with modern ultrasonic devices. Thanks to the ultrasonic cleaning technology, the cleaning process of horizontal blinds or verticals is extremely efficient and very fast.

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Filters for ventilation

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